Old carpenter's house

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Old carpenter's house

Post  landuan on Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:35 am

There is an old carpenter was

ready to retire, he told the boss that he wants to leave the construction industry, home with his wife and children enjoy their grandchildren.
Employers reluctant to take his good worker and asked if he could help to build a house, the old carpenter said I could. However, we later see that his heart was not in work, he uses a soft material, is a work out. When built the house, the boss handed him the keys to the door.
"This is your house," he said, "Igift to you."
He shocked stunned, humiliated shame. If he had known was to build their own house, how can he be? Now he is to live in a shoddy house! We just like this. We casually "build" their own lives, not positive action, but rather passive coping, always refused to excellence, at the crucial moment can not make the greatest efforts. And so we realize that their situation has already built deep trapped in their own "house" in the. It as the carpenter you think of your house, every day you knock a nail into, plus to a board, or erect a wall, use your wisdom well and build it! Your life is the only life you create, can not erase the
reconstruction, even if only one day to live, that day to live a beautiful, noble, wall plaque reads: "Life is its own creation.


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