Guides For Hunting In Maplestory

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Guides For Hunting In Maplestory

Post  landuan on Thu Jul 29, 2010 1:44 am

For new players in Maplestory, there are many methods to gain more and level up. For the players under level 30, you can hunt for more

and leveling up. The following are some suggestion for you.
You should know how to hunt effectively. That is to say you should hunt the monsters that are no more than three levels than your level. This has several reasons.
Firstly, due to your accuracy sucks, most of you will be missing against high level monsters. Secondly, due to your damage sucks, you will not earn mesos as much as training. You can hunt with 2 or 3 player. Actually, it is rare to see any level 30 or below people hunting at evil eyes. It will cause them losing many money and the drops are not great enough.
For the level of 10 to 20, there are many places to hunt, such as pigs, octopus, bubblings and green mushrooms. For the level 20 to 30, you can hunt at dark axed stumps and undead mushrooms, wild boars and evil eyes, brown teddy, tricksters and drum bunny.
Through this process, if you use the proper method, you can earn more
and level up fast. Besides, you can buy Mesos in order to gain more currency in the game. If you want more details, you can click


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