Guides On Maplestory Leveling

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Guides On Maplestory Leveling

Post  landuan on Mon Jul 26, 2010 12:25 am

In Maplestory, you need plenty of

in order to level up fast. You can

to help you level up. It is the most effective way while you need the real money. Also, there are many other ways for you to level up fast. The following are some tips to help you gain more and level up fast.
When you level up to level 8, you will become a Magician. Then you should go to Ellinia and travel up the very top to talk to Grendel the Really Old. And he will make you change into a Magician. But if you are a thief, you have to do it at level 10. Then you should go to Kerning City and find a door with “Fusion Jazz Bar” above it. Go inside and you will find the Dark Lord there. And he will turn you into a Rogue. But you have to do it if you are a warrior. And you should go to Perion and go to the Shrine of Warriors which is located at the very top. Then you should talk to “Dances with Balrog”. You can do this at level 10 if you are a Bowman.
When you have leveled up to level 30, you should make your second job advancement. Besides, you should do some research on how to go about it, for every class is different in the advancement.
After leveling up to level 31, you should find a place to train. If you find a good place, you will benefit a lot from it. If you want more details, you can click our website:


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