The Classes In Maplestory

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The Classes In Maplestory

Post  landuan on Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:14 am

As we all know, if you level up to the high levels in Maplestory, you need to earn more

. During the different means to earn mesos, the most direct way is to You can also use other ways to help you level up fast in Maplestory. Then the following is the information about different classes in Maplestory.
In China, our favorite light is the light of the Scorpio person whole, but this is the person who is not statistics. If statistics are created to enter the darkness like the darkness of Scorpio, it is costly. However, it will be a great addition to statistical data.
Let’s see level 60. The level is huge. Firstly, giants’ brass is a kind of pain. The most important one is the 60 feet from falling, and it is not expensive. When you can 70, you can go to find a last fury Wizet patch, and you can fall.
This is a very short FAQ. We want to explain things to you about traveling, navigating, and so on. You should refer to the gloves of the murderers attack or not believe. You should notice that you should always wear gloves and the warriors up pharmaceuticals, which will make the training much better.
Through these guide, you can know more about Maplestory and make more Maplestory Mesos. For more information, you can click


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