The Guide Of Jr. Balrog In Maplestory

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The Guide Of Jr. Balrog In Maplestory

Post  landuan on Wed Jul 21, 2010 1:35 am

If you are under the level of level 50, then this article is the right one for you. This passage aims to provide information for the low level player to fight with Jr. Balroy. As we all know, Jr. Balrog was once the lord of the Sleepywood Dungeon and the bane of beta players. If you have leveled up to level 50, then it is not a problem for you fight with it. However, if you are below level 50, then it will pose a problem.
In order to earn more

, we should know exactly what he is capable of. It has two ranged attacks and they deal around about 2,600 and it will damage 1,700 with a touch. Also, it has 50,000 HP. ‘

and level up fast. Firstly, you should jump down on the left side and hit the Balrog to make it chase after you. Next you should attack when you jump back and lastly you should retreat up the ladder. When you are at the top right part, you need to wait for the Balrog to move past you.
Then next you should attack and jump back once again. And you need some speed gear to help you. Because the Jr. Balrog has a hiddern regeneration rate, it will take an eternity to beat if your damage output is too low.
You should pay attention that when the Balrog is chasing you, you can plant a puppet up and the right from the ladder.
For more guides, you can Then we should give good strategies to fight with it, which will make you gain more to gain more helps. Also, you can click for more information.


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