The Thief Guide In Maplestory

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The Thief Guide In Maplestory

Post  landuan on Mon Jul 19, 2010 1:17 am

Many players in Maplestory know little about how to play a thief character for the first time, and they value little on the character of being a thief. Actually, being a thief is also a profitable character. And if you play it well, you can earn more

Some people will think a powerful thief is able to do some insane damages when they progress through higher levels in the game. However, if you use the character properly, you can have more fun and gain effectively. The peos of using a thief in Maplestory are as follows:
Firstly, a thief has the ability to execute jump attacks. Secondly, the thieves can use range or melee attack, which make them quite versatile when they attack their enemies. Thirdly, the thieves can execute extremely fast attacks. And lastly, they have high accuracy and avoidability.
And you can use your thief in the following ways:
I. Assassins will cost a lot of
to operate.
II. There are abundant of thieves.
III. Thieves have defence level and low HP.
IV. It will take a while for dagger thieves to level up their characters.
If are tired of other characters, you can change your character to a thief. You can also visit for more detailed information.


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