The Guide Of Anego In Maplestory

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The Guide Of Anego In Maplestory

Post  landuan on Sun Jul 18, 2010 1:30 am

As a popular boss in Showa, Anego spawns in the third map of the Showa mansion and is surrounded by vastly weaker minions. Also, it is a formidable foe, with very high attack power, defense and speed. It is an effective way to make more .. So let’s look at its capabilities.
Anego has two main attacks plus a rather high touch damage of about 10,000-11,000, a fairly long range gun attack dealing 5,200 and a short range slap dealing roughly 18,000. Moreover, Anego has very high defense and moves rather quickly.
Then how can we do to kill it in order to earn more

and level up fast? Let’s explain in details below.
HP: 75,000,000
Minimum HP: 19,000 (Melee) Any (Ranged)
If you will attack Anego and run back to the portal, you need to talk about that “glitch”. And you will find Anego is not able to follow all the way to the left, this is because that a pathing issue in the maps is an invisible barrier for Anego and it is unable to pass. It is obviously that it makes the entire left side a perfect sniping spot. Basically this is the basis for party kills of Anego. The spot is in front of the couch near the portal.
The only viable way to fight Anego is to corner and tank it, burning potions while pounding away. And you need 19,000 HP before even considering this.
Above all, it is difficult for you to achieve the effect. If you want easier methods, you can
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